A professional organization dedicated to the advancement of management and administration.


A systematic examination and evaluation of data and information, about consumers, customers and market demand.


Our distribution channels: Modern Retail, Traditional Retail, Pharmacies, Hospitals and Private Clinics, Drugstores and Petrol Stations.


Advanced high standard manufacturing of fine quality medical products enables our company to offer a greater choice for our customers.


Lubricant gel Tea Tree Oli with Tea Tree oil is a product for a more pleasant and richer intimate enjoyment during sexual intercourse. The gel removes the unpleasantness which can result from insufficient vaginal moistening. It is water based and does not contain colours; furthermore, it does not stain.

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Our company produces the safest, highest-quality and best-tested condoms. We assure the durability of each package every day and for every market by developing and maintaining safety programs. WADEX condoms ensure maximum, effective and sensual protection.

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Clear Choice

Clear Choice is a high quality pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests Clear Choice have four variants of pregnancy tests with the guarantee for the final results for 99%. Pregnancy tests Clear Choice are sterile and produced from high quality materials.

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